Our Mission

Mission Statement
We aim to provide wholesome nutritious food, and safe, non-violent, age-appropriate toys to families with demonstrated financial need.

Values and Objectives
Providing support to families during, but not limited, to the holiday seasons primarily in the Scarborough area.

Striving to serve all families that have demonstrated financial need, without discrimination and regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, faith, politics, sexuality, ability, gender, language, citizenship status, or social status. We strive to embrace diversity and serve all those in need while respecting their privacy.

Striving to include all individuals, groups and families, who are committed to our mission, including members of the target community  in the work that we do. We strive to embrace diversity and form meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with others.

We are NOT a registered charity, and we cannot give you a charitable receipt. What we CAN do is give your our sincere word that every donation we get goes directly to the families who need it most.