Letter from the Executive Director

Jenny Foster is the Founder and Executive Director of West Hill Harvest. She holds a BA 342f88cin Political Science from the University of Toronto and a Certificate in Fundraising Management from Seneca College.  She has professional event and fundraising experience across a variety of sectors including education, food security and politics. She is an award winning Yoga Teacher and triathlete.

Dear Friends:

I LOVE Christmas. Like, Buddy from the movie Elf level of excitement. I also feel very strongly about the power of love, sharing and compassion.  Enter West Hill Harvest – the marriage of my passions.

Growing up, Christmas was awesome for me. I’m really lucky. I’ve always been surrounded by family and an ABUNDANCE of food, merry making and gifts at Christmastime. I remember as a child being totally overwhelmed by the number of gifts under my grandparent’s tree for all the cousins. Our family doesn’t celebrate the holiday as a religious event, but the values of love, community, charity and giving were all key to our Christmas experiences.

I moved to Scarborough to attend U of T Scarborough campus in 2003. When I realized there was such a need in my new community for help around this holiday, it seemed like sharing the abundance was a natural thing to do.

So, Nisse and I started this group – with the help of MANY others – and discovered it was a beautiful way for our family, friends other like-minded people to come together over the holidays. I was shocked at how many people got on board right away and I’m still so grateful and humbled by the generosity we get to see as we move through the drive this every year.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered or donated over the years. I am very grateful to you all and look forward to this years campaign! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – whatever way you celebrate!