Rishie Singh

Rishie Singh joined the West Hill Harvest board of directors in 2017.   As a board rishiemember, Rishie is primarily involved in helping WHH increase its fundraising revenues year over year, through increased brand and marketing awareness, especially through online and social channels.  In addition Rishie is a strong champion of utilizing data and analytics throughout W.H.H. in order to better optimize resources.

Rishie is a Scarborough native who grew up in the surrounding West Hill area.  He has first-hand experience with respect to the challenges low income families living in the West Hill community face, which is why he is passionate about giving back to the community in which he was raised.

Rishie has worked for a variety of large companies across many industries including Retail, Banking, Telecommunications and Non for Profit.  Rishie has experience with B2B and B2C marketing analytics, including brand strategy, mass media advertising, digital marketing and direct marketing.  Rishie also has several years of big data experience related to A.I and Text analytics.  Rishie holds a Master’s Degree in Analytics from Queens University, a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Information Technology and Telecommunications from Ryerson University and a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Economics from the University of Toronto.