Nisse Vaya

Nisse has always been passionate about helping, and the opportunity to serve his IMG_1826community, particularly those in need.  He feels sometimes people just need a little support, to feel empowered, to not only help themselves but also be inspired to help support others.  As a co-founder and member of the West Hill Harvest Board of Directors, Nisse applies a grassroots approach in managing day-to-day operations as well as helping formulate longer-term strategy to broaden scope and impact.

Being a long time Scarborough resident, Nisse takes pride in his community and recognizes the struggle some families can face with regards to income and access to resources.

Nisse works in the Human Resource technology sector.  He has held positions in sales, operational leadership and project management.  He has had an opportunity to work with organizations across various industries including Banking, Insurance, Construction, Retail as well as the Non-For-Profit.  Nisse holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto specializing in economics and sociology