If you’ve been to a West Hill Harvest event, you’ve no doubt seen and felt the strength of our community. If you’ve had the chance to meet any of the families we serve, you may have felt the connection forged between you through an act of kindness and gratitude at receiving. We are doing a lot more at WHH than giving simple goods to those in need – we are building community.

The Toronto Foundation recently released a benchmark study that looked at levels of social trust, the depth of social networks, civic engagement and neighbourhood supports in neighbourhoods across Toronto. In short, they measured the depth and strength of communities – a concept also known as Social Capital.

Sadly, Scarborough Centre – an area that includes West Hill – scored among the lowest neighbourhoods in the city on every single measure of social capital. People in West Hill reported feelings of isolation, a lack of trust in others and that they feel unsupported by their communities.

These results are heartbreaking. But they remind us that the work we do together is incredibly meaningful. Each time we deliver a box to a family home we are reaching out to remind them that they are not alone. That good people exist. That there is a community of caring individuals who are here to support them. That we are in this together.

Thank you for being a part of the West Hill Harvest community.

Enjoy the following video of our Executive Director explaining the role of WHH in building social capital or read the Toronto Foundation report. 

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