There are only a few days remaining in the 2017 WHH drive. We are so grateful for everyone who has shown their support with a donation. Whatever amount you can share, please considering doing so today. 

The holiday season is a time filled with endless possibilities involving family, feasts, and gifts.  Decorations, carols and holiday scents fill our senses.  This year Canada celebrates its 150th Christmas. For all Canadians and many newcomers to the country, the holiday season has varying traditions and meanings.

As we are filled with holiday warmth and joy, we often forget the how the cold winters in Canada can cause ripple effects in the economy, in our homes and even in our minds. While we are not able to control everything that happens, we can try to make a positive difference and help families in need.

At West Hill Harvest our intention is to try and help as many families as we can and hope that these families can experience what we, as Members of the Board, recall from our childhood holidays in Canada. We intend to reach out to needy members of the community to help bring cheer, provide food, gifts warm energy and a sense of belonging. Giving to West Hill Harvest ensures that 100% of all donations received go to families. Please give generously today. 

-Nerissa Ali, WHH Board of Directors

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