WHH donor Renu shares her perspective:img_0189

If you have ever had the opportunity to support a family in need over the holiday season, then you know the incredible rewards it brings to the families and to you as the donor. Nothing is more joyful, moving and heartwarming than knowing you have made a positive change for someone in your community.

Seven years ago, West Hill Harvest was created to aid the ongoing shortages food banks were facing. More and more families were in need but less and less was available to give. West Hill Harvest hand delivers safe, non-violent toys, wholesome foods, and other donations to many families every holiday season. With the help and generosity of various organizations, businesses and individual donors West Hill Harvest has helped well over 100 families with 100% of all donations going directly to those in need. We have helped light up over 220 children’s faces. We have empowered over 60 single parents to provide a holiday experience for their kids. It’s not really about the gifts or the food, it’s about the fact that we live abundant, blessed lives and we have the chance to stand together and experience the true meaning of community.

At a very young age I remember visiting my motherland, Bangladesh, where I had a first hand glance at what it was like to live in poverty. My parents at a very young age instilled the importance of giving back. Throughout the years I have discovered that volunteering has done wonders for my personal development. These are the five reasons I donate and volunteer:

5. It’s good for me. I’ve discovered who I am and to fight for things I believe in. It also helps reduce stress. When optimism and joy take control I find it strengthens my health and immunity.

4. It bring people together. People from diverse backgrounds working together for a common goal means we all win.

3. It saves resources. Did you know that the average value of a volunteers time is $16 per hour? By donating your time WHH can save resources to support families in need.

2. It keeps me in tune with reality – everyone has a unique and important story.

1. No mater how big or small, every person and every action makes a difference.We all count!

Working with West Hill Harvest has been a remarkable experience for me and is truly dear to my heart. I have personally hand delivered donations to families in the community over the last few years and every time I have been welcomed into their home with love and gratitude.

Please, give generously and get involved this holiday season

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